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Founded in 1977, ACCU-SWISS draws its name from the emphasis the company places on "accuracy", the single most important element in the custom manufacturing of screw machine products. ACCU-SWISS is an established and stable enterprise. It is efficiently operated with a history of positive earnings and is ready to grow to the next level. A highly modern and fully automated facility, ACCU-SWISS has been carefully equipped to handle the needs of such diverse industries as electronics firms, aerospace companies, business machine manufacturers and medical instrument corporations. Whether a customer requires simple or complex custom-made screw machine product, long or short run, a job is completed with the same ACCU-SWISS commitment to quality and accuracy that has made the company a long-standing leader in the industry of precision machining. Due to the nature of the products manufactured this location in the heart of the Central Valley, has proven to be cost effective from the standpoint of labor, occupancy and the general cost of doing business. All finished products are shipped UPS. This provides a competitive advantage over the majority of the competitors who operate in the high cost in the San Francisco Bay Area.



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